Koptische Gemeinde Berlin
Foundation The Coptic Orthodox Church has its origins in Egypt. It leads back to the saint evangelist and matyr Mark, who was born in the 1 st century BC, lived and worked in Egypt and has founded the church. History The Coptic church is one of the oldest churches in the world. The word copt goes back to the Greek word and referred to the Egyptian inhabitants of the capital city of Alexandria as well as the inhabitants of Egypt in Greek-Roman times in general. The copts understand themselves as Christian descendants of the ancient Egyptians. Time table 284 Beginning of the Coptic era (after Gregorian calendar, the „era of the matyr“) 3rd cent. First Egyptians monasteries originated in Egyptian deserts. St. Anthony (251 - 356) is considered the founding father of monasticism 4th-5th cent. Monasteries develop into economically independent and cultural centers, literary places and educational insti- tutions 640 Roman (Byzantine) rule is replaced by Islamic-Arabic rule 706 Coptic language is banned and replaced by the Arabic language 8th-9th cent. Coptic riots flame up throughout Egypt from 9th cent. Christians become a minority in Egypt 1250 Mamelucke rule - mass conversion to Islam middle 19th cent. Reform and revival under Pope Kyrillos IV. (1854-1861), especially in the field of education 20th cent. Great revival movement under Pope Kyrillos VI. (1959-1971) since 1954 Ecumenical opening of the churches, membership in the ecumenical council of churches 1971 Inthronization of Pope Shenouda III., who continues reforms and furthers the achievements of the 19 th century since 2012 Pope Tawadros II., 118th successor of the throne of the Holy Apostle Mark and head of the Coptic Orthodox Church worldwide Today 11 -18 million Copts live in Egypt, an additional 2 million Copts in the Diaspora. The largest foreign communities are in Australia, Canada and the USA. Copts in Germany 1975 First church founding in Frankfurt/ M. by Father Salib Surial 1980 Fondation of the Coptic Orthodox Center with the Monastery of St. Anthony in Kröffelbach as the spiritual center of the Coptic churches in West Germany and as a European center 1990 Inauguration of St. Anthony‘s Church in Berlin 1993 Acquisition of a second Monastery in Höxter-Brenkhausen under direction of Anba Damian
γ ύ π τ ι ο ι
(Aigypti os)