Koptische Gemeinde Berlin
History of church building
At the end of the 20 th century the population of Lichtenberg had grown an the construction of a new church was necessary, The previous church only offered space for 300 partioners of a mass. After drafts of the government and the construction advisor Ludwig of Tiedemann, the church was built within two years The laying of the cornerstone took place on 14th May 1903. Two years later, on 14th June 1905, the church was inaugurated under participation of empress Auguste Victoria of Prussia. Architectural development of the Glaubenskirche 1905 Inauguration of the church 1905-1914 The Protestant community uses the church 1927 New roofing of the two church towers 1944-1945 Serious damage to the roof and the two towers inflicted during the war 1949 Damage of the roof 1955 Sound reorganization of the organ 1957 Carrying out extensive renovation work (recovery position of the room under the right side gallery, improvements on the roof, renovation of the interior of the church) 1965 Costly repair of the roof of the church with special bricks 1966 Installation of three night store heaters in the babtistery 1971-1973 Reconstruction and repair work in the church (large parish room for 80 - 100 people emerged, a classroom and youth room, an office as well as an Achieve room) 1971 Severe damage to the copper roof of the East Tower by a strong storm 1973 Inauguration of the new premises in the Glaubenskirche 1979 Damage dealt by the storm of 1971 is repaired, additionally reroofing the tower with copper sheet 1993 Opening of an evening café for homeless and socially needy 1994 Equipping the babtistery and the entire adjoining room with oil heating 2001-2004 Revonation work on the roof with funds from the German Foundation for Monument Protection, the Land Berlin, the Federal Government as well as donations and personal contributions
Use of the church building through decades 1905 Inauguration by the patroness Empress Auguste Victoria 1905-1914 Use by the Protestant community Berlin Alt-Lichtenberg 1914-1918 1st world war - church building survived unscated 1918-1939 Further use by the Protestant community 1939-1945 2nd world war - severe damage to the roof and towers 1949 Repair of the war damage 1951 Use in full by Protestant parish 1957-1973 Further repairs to the church building, decline in members of the parish 1949-1990 Community work was still possible in the GDR Church was involved i.a. for the opponents of the GDR with devotions and vigils for convicts Further decline in membership 1990-1996 Use of the church as a starting point for homeless and socially needy people The Evening café was created with possibilities of accomodation and food for the corresponding persons 1998 Acquisition by the Coptic parish Berlin Planned: expansion of the church to the episcopal see of the Coptic Church in Germany
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